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      Post Specification

      Key Duties and Responsibilities:

      1.  Provide efficient daily support to the team in undergraduate career placement area, incl.  manage graduate placement data and report, career counselling coordination;

      2.  Provide support in organizing career events, graduate job search study, graduate placement study, etc.

      3.  To provide support to the CDC team to perform any other duties as assigned.

      Qualifications and Requirements:

      1. Bachelor Degree with 1+ years working experience in related industry;

      2. Be passionate about education industry, good knowledge in modern career service will be a big plus;

      3. Good communication and coordination skills, able to take up multiple tasks in a team environment, hold positive and can-do attitude, be detail-minded in daily work;

      4. Excellent Chinese and English communication skill is a must;

      5. Proficient in using MS Office (excellent in Excel and PowerPoint) is a must.

      Salary and Benefits

      Salary will be competitive, commensurate with qualifications and experience. Appointments will be made under the establishment of CUHK-SZ and statutory benefits will be provided according to the prevailing labor laws applicable in the PRC. The appointee will be based at the University campus in Shenzhen, PRC.

      Application Procedure

      Please send full curriculum vitae together with copies of qualification documents, and at least three references by email to: hr@

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