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      Post Specification

      Key Duties and Responsibilities:

      1. Providing research assistance to professors, including collecting data and analyzing data;

      2. Replicating research papers assigned by the supervisor;

      3. Assisting in tutorials for undergraduate courses;

      4. Preparation of teaching materials/classes;

      5. Student consultation/supervision and coordinating student academic activities;

      6. Undertaking other assignment assigned by the supervisor.

      Qualifications and Requirements:

      1. Bachelor degree, preferably a higher degree in Accounting;

      2. Good teaching, communication skills;

      3. Fluent English, both in written and spoken English;

      4. The ability of working independently, as well as the spirit of team work;

      5. Knowledge of Stata/Matlab/SAS is preferable and willingness to take up extra responsibilities;

      6. Qualifications like ACCA, CPA would be a plus. Previous working experiences in public accounting/corporate accounting are preferred.


      In general, we expect 50% work related to research assistance and 50% related to teaching assistance. The potential benefits of research assistance include research experience, opportunity to learn from experienced faculty members, and the possibility of starting collaborative work with faculty members. All of these are also highly beneficial to those who desire to pursue PhD studies in the future.


      Salary and Benefits

      Salary will be competitive, commensurate with qualifications and experience. Appointments will be made under the establishment of CUHK-SZ and statutory benefits will be provided according to the prevailing labor laws applicable in the PRC. The appointee will be based at the University campus in Shenzhen, PRC.

      Application Procedure

      Please send full curriculum vitae together with copies of qualification documents, and at least three references by email to: hr@  

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