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      Global Talent Recruitment at Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, SJTU
      發布時間:2022-08-08 16:44:34

      I. About Tsung-Dao Lee Institute

      Initiated by Professor Tsung-Dao Lee, the prominent Chinese-American physicist and the laureate of Nobel Prize in Physics, Tsung-Dao Lee Institute (TDLI) is a world-class science and research institution with wide-ranging supports and endorsements from governments and ministries at national and municipal levels. With a mandate to establish itself as a center for science and innovation of global influence, the Institute is an integral part of Comprehensive National Science Center in Zhangjiang, Shanghai. To achieve this, Shanghai Jiao Tong University is trusted with the mission to build the new site of the Institute and manage the Institute on a temporary basis. In accordance with the Tsung-Dao Lee’s proposal, Tsung-Dao Lee Institute strives to realize the construction goals to establish a world-leading academic institution in physics, astronomy, and other cross-disciplinary fields and achieve the founding vision of building a world famous source of original innovation, a point of convergence of the world’s top scientists, and a launch forum for the careers of young scientists.

      II. Research Areas

      1. Particle and Nuclear Physics
        • Underground Experimental Group: ① Cosmic Neutrino Experiment  (TRIDENT, JUNO, IceCube). ② Dark Matter Direct Detection and Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay (Panda X). ③ Reactor Neutrino Experiment (JUNO).  
        • Collider Experiment Group: ① LHC/ATLAS Physics and Detector Upgrade. ② CEPC R&D. ③ Fundamental Precision Measurement. ④ Light Dark Matter Search Experiment. ⑤ Advanced Accelerator Study. 
        • Theory Group: Current research areas in the group includes physics beyond the Standard Model, neutrino and flavor physics theory and phenomenology, early universe quantum field theory and applications to baryogenesis and dark matter, quantum gravity, quantum chromodynamics and lattice gauge theory, and effective field theory.
      2. Astronomy and Astrophysics
        Supporting research in all forefront areas of astrophysics, from exoplanets, gravitational waves to particle astrophysics and cosmology, and from theoretical and observational astronomy to instrumental/laboratory astrophysics.
      3. Fundamental Quantum Science
        Including but not limited to:
        • Condensed Matter Physics: ① Strongly Correlated Functional Materials. ② Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems. ③ Exotic Quantum States and Materials. ④ Quantum Magnetism. ⑤ Non-equilibrium Physics.
        • Quantum Information and Computation: ① Quantum Optics. ② Quantum Algorithm.  ③ Quantum Metrology. ④ Quantum Information & Technology.
      4. Physics of Mind

      III. Job Requirements

      1. T. D. Lee Professor
        • Professorship from outstanding universities and research institutions
        • World-renowned scholar with a proven track record of progressive achievements, innovative research outcomes, and major contributions in relevant fields of study
      2.  T. D. Lee Senior Fellow
        • Tenured fellowship from outstanding universities and research institutions
      3. T. D. Lee Fellow (Tenure-track Associate Professor)
        • Top achievers with doctoral degrees from highly recognized world universities and over 3 years of research experience
        • Hold teaching or research positions in top universities in China and beyond
        • Exceptional talented researchers with leadership skills and research potentials
        • Fresh graduates with recognizable research achievements during doctoral studies.
      4.  Postdoctoral Fellow
        • Top achievers with doctoral degrees from top universities in China and beyond
        • Postdocs with fitting research interests, outstanding research capabilities and potential.

      IV. Benefits and Welfare

      1. Competitive salary package, housing allowance, research start-up funds
      2. Temporary apartment (for expert/faculty)
      3. Schooling and educational support for Children
      4. Access to health care and medical insurance

      V. Application Materials and Online Application

      1. Cover Letter
      2. CV in English, detailing research interests, education and work experience, publications
      3. Research and teaching statement
      4. For T. D. Lee Fellow,please provide 5 reference letters and research proposal.
      5. For Postdoctoral Fellows, please provide 3 reference letters (one from PhD supervisor) and research proposal. 


      Ms. Fu (tdli_hr@)
      Tel: 021-54741321
      For more information, please go to td***.cn[點擊查看] for more information.


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